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Rocky Mountain Communication Systems (RMCS) is a division of Rocky Mountain Oilfield Warehouse. RMCS was established to allow Rocky Mountain Oilfield Warehouse to better serve the needs of its telemetry, communications and public safety customer base.

Rocky Mountain Oilfield Warehouse was founded in 1954 by P.H. Cooper as a provider of drilling equipment, field services and warehousing for the petroleum industry. From its initial two employees, Rocky Mountain Oilfield Warehouse has grown to 28 employees in 3 locations and over $15 million in sales with zero debt. Integrity and good reputation are cornerstones of the business.

RMCS provides numerous services to the oil & gas industries and public safety marketplaces. Primary among these is the implementation of telemetry and communications systems in Wyoming, Montana, Colorado and the Dakotas. Capabilities include microwave path studies and profiling, wide area propagation studies of frequencies from 2 MHz to 30 GHz.

RMCS has extensive experience in the design, licensing, construction and maintenance of wireless communication systems typically used in the petroleum, law enforcement and commercial marketplaces. These systems include both analog and digital systems for data and voice applications. Specific systems and manufacturers include:

  • Narrow and wide band point to multi-point digital data systems including licensed MAS, spread spectrum and DSS ISM and Ethernet.
  • Narrow and wide band point-to-point digital data systems including licensed and ISM band microwave systems, both short and long haul.
  • Digital and analog voice systems for two-way dispatch including conventional, APCO 25 and wide area communication systems.

    Communication system services also include the design and implementation of infrastructure such as communication shelters, self-support and guyed towers to 750ft in height, path alignment for microwave systems, UPS systems and solar/wind power systems.

RMCS’s telemetry offering includes all phases of typical petroleum drilling and production telemetry. RMCS personnel have installed 1000’s of RTU’s and their associated infrastructure across the United States. These include turn-key systems involving SCADA host software packages, communications, RTU’s, primary devices, calibration and well site services such as trenching and cable laying.

Key to the success of any telemetry system is service and maintenance. RMCS offers monthly contract and call out maintenance for all components of telemetry systems including host software packages as supplied by RMCS.

A partial list of manufacturer’s systems and components that RMCS personnel have implemented includes:


  • Alcatel
  • Motorola
  • Siemens
  • Macom
  • Allen Bradley
  • Saftronics
  • Microwave Data
  • PLC Direct Unicon
  • Baker CAC
  • Collins DataRadio
  • Data-Linc
  • Cisco/Aironet
  • Kimray
  • Fisher
  • Applied Automation
  • GE Fanuc
  • Daniels
  • Linx
  • 3Com
  • Western Multiplex RAD
  • Bendix King
  • Esteem
  • FreeWave
  • Nextel
  • Intellution
  • Nortel
  • Micom
  • Optaphone
  • Unicon
  • Delta X
  • Trienertec
  • Cygnet
  • WonderWare
  • Lufkin
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