The solution for solid communications and vehicle tracking throughout the Powder River Basin

WYOTALK is a wide area VHF two way radio trunking system that covers virtually all of the Powder River Basin (PRB) with solid two way radio communications and optional AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location)

WYOTALK trunking radio sites are located in optimum locations throughout the Powder River Basin area providing virtually complete radio coverage north from Glenrock to Sheridan to Gillette to Douglas. Click here to check out our current and future coverage maps!

WHEN is WYOTALK Operational?
NOW! As of July 1st 2009 we become fully operational. We will continue to expand our coverage.

How can WYOTALK help my business?

  1. WYOTALK provides solid communications with your employees throughout the PRB. No dead spots.
  2. WYOTALK reduces opportunities for time abuse such as cell phones might offer. All business, all the time.
  3. WYOTALK offers optional Automatic Vehicle Location. (AVL) Know exactly where your vehicles are located day or night. AVL includes alarming to let you know when vehicles stray out of designated work areas as well as historical playback of routes traveled by vehicles. These and many more features, such as excessive speed alarms, accessed through a dedicated web page for your business.
  4. WYOTALK offers ‘Lone Worker’ and ‘Emergency Call’ features to help you monitor the safety and welfare of employees who work alone during their shift.
  5. WYOTALK offers text messaging to help you communicate with employees even if they are not near their radio when you call.
  6. WYOTALK offers the ability to segment the communications within business units of your operations. Frees employees from having to monitor communications that don’t apply to them.

How much do WYOTALK services cost?

WYOTALK services vary in cost based on the quantity and level of services required. Services start as low as $14.00 per month per unit. Equipment is available for sale or lease to qualified customers.

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